Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 28: We're BACK and it's all about Freddie

We really ARE back this time. Poor Natalie has been struggling to get this episode out for the last two weeks! She finally had to move to a different hosting service, so Episode 28 is now on iTunes, but in a slightly different location than the last 27 episodes. I found it by searching for Knitting in the Round; it comes up as knittingintheround, if I remember right. Hope you enjoy it!

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On the needles
Off the needles
Round the wheel
Favorite things
Round the Mtn
Perfect Patterns
Knitting Disasters

I.On the Needles
Gwendolyn from Fall '10 Twist Collective in Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Superwash
Freddie Platypus from Freddie's blanket in Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed
Stripes Alive! Trekking KAL number 3 in Trekking.

Knitting and crocheting squares for the Square Raffle at the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire on April 16, 10 am to 4 pm.
Restarting a hat, see knitting disasters.
Thinking about starting the Seaweed Cardigan by Cecily Glowik from Interweave Knits Spring 2010.

II.Off the Needles
Recently Cinder Block Socks size XL in Opal
Robot Sweater

Give a Hoot by Jocelyn Tunney - mittens that are completely sweet, in my handspun Corriedale.
TMW Lace Mitts by Cassie Thoreson - in KnitFit Knitting bamboo/merino.
Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon in Woolybuns soft, soft, soft merino sock yarn.
Ribbons and Lace Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio from Interweave Knits, Summer 2009.

III. Round the wheel:
Nothing! For MONTHS!

The wheels have been turning, turning, turning. Just finished eight skeins of the same Corriedale fleece that I used to make my Oatmeal cardigan. Also spun up some silk noil I dyed and plied it with a deep navy merino for a funkier yarn than I usually produce. Some sort of rough local roving I dyed in a peachy color turned into a very nice "Virginia Peach Festival". Right now I have pure angora singles on the Haldane from my white rabbits and some nice Romney from Thistle Cove Farm on the Reeves. Today I'm dyeing some CVM skeins in a color that I'm going to call "Cherry Creek Road".

IV. Favorite things:
Nursing school!
Sheep shearing gatherings and skirting fleeces!

V. Round the Mountain
A Winter Day in Meadows of Dan

VI.Perfect patterns

VII.Knitting Disasters!
When gauge lies, or pointy heads. Who by Sarah Amoroso.

VIII. Reviews

If you are interested in having any of your products reviewed, drop us a line or mail your item to one of the addresses on the sidebar. We'd love to talk about your stuff and can give the experienced knitter viewpoint, the inexperienced knitter, the experienced crocheter and the savvy spinner's opinion!

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