Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Episode 25: It's Been Awhile

Donation incentive for May-June!
Sponsored by Squeegee Screen Printing and Embroidery
Greenberry House, Knit Fit Knitting,, What's Needlin' Ewe

Donation Incentive Sponsors: and Knit Fit Knitting, Greenberry House

Special Guest: Chris Morgan of Woolybuns

2.On and Off the Needles
3.What's Been Happening
4.In the Queue
6.Favorite Things
7.Stash enhancement

What's on the needles and hooks
Corona Camisole by Kristen TenDyke knitting in Unplanned Peacock fingering weight
Alex's Mittens by Rebekkah Kerner knitting in handspun CVM
Winkle Vest
Oatmeal Cardigan
More pictures of other projects discussed in the podcast at Leslie's blog. More details available at Greenberry's Ravelry page.

Linen Kilt Yarn Fiber Natura Flax
Milk Mark and Kattens Ecobomul
Never ending baby blanket
Pucker in Berroco Seduce
Liesel in Cascade Lana D Oro
Long John Socks

Banana Split Sweater! Plymouth Kudo
2 more GAA Squares

What's Been Happening:
Maryland Sheep and Wool Recap
Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival (Courtney Hopper, Chair massage and chocolate body polish)

Tote bag (pictured above) from Squeegee Screen Printing and Embroidery, yarn from Knit Fit Knitting and Bryspun needles from Greenberry House.

In the Queue:
Natalie's never ending queue, no judging!!! It grows DAILY!
Major league into SKIRT knitting. See some patterns in my queue!
It goes on.

Persuasion Fingerless Gloves by Allison Harding
Portuguese Fisherwoman's Shawl by Shelagh Smith

Favorite things....
Signature Needles
Solstice Scents
Jessalu Bags
Crochet Insider

Stash enhancement
Miss Babs
Three Irish Girls

Leslie: Cotton yarn and Gale's Art and Buttons!

Carolina Fiber Fest May 21 to 23

If you are interested in having any of your products reviewed, drop us a line or mail your item to one of the addresses on the sidebar. We'd love to talk about your stuff and can give the experienced knitter viewpoint, the inexperienced knitter, the experienced crocheter and the savvy spinner's opinion!

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